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Nuno Estrela is born in 1979 in the Portuguese islands of the Azores.


He starts his musical activity as an autodidact at age 15 and soon was performing and creating music, mainly in the fields of pop and rock, having had the chance to work with some of the most prominent local artists.


At age 19, he begins his studies in music at the Conservatory of Ponta Delgada and, a few years past, moves to the city of Porto to complete his undergraduate degree in music composition at ESMAE (Superior School for Music and the Performing Arts). There, he studied under composers Clarence Barlow, Dimitris AndriKopoulos, Luís Tinoco, João Madureira, Carlos Guedes and Eugénio Amorim. He also attended individual classes and seminars with Casa da Música's resident composers Klaas de Vries, Magnus Lindberg and Jonathan Harvey.


To this day, Nuno has composed for concert, dance, video and theatre; having been performed by prestigious artist both in Portugal and the UK. As an educator, Nuno has taught students of the most diverse backgrounds, both in the contexts of formal education (in university, conservatory and schools) as well as in more informal settings when leading workshops and seminars in Europe.


Since late 2010, under the supervision of Dr Neal Farwel, Nuno develops his research as a candidate to a PhD in composition at the University of Bristol (UK); an institution in which he also holds the post of assistant teacher.


His area of research is Harmonicity, and the primary focus is on developing a theory of harmony rooted in principles and mechanisms of perception and cognition.


Since 2014 Nuno is being published by MPMP editions


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