As a composer, I specialise in both traditional and technology-based music, and have written works for concert, dance, theatre and short-film. Thus far, I have the privilege of having had my music performed by world class interpreters and ensembles, and to be currently published by MPMP (Lisbon). 

You can find my published scores through:  nKoda  or  MPMP 

Here is some of my music:

Vôo 84



Int: Porto National Orchestra

Dir: Enrique Mazzola


(Saxophone and electronics)


Int: Nicholas Prost

Quarteto de cordas nº1

(string quartet)


Int: Ars Camerae

PHOTO: «paralelismos» by Ricardo Rocha (in


(Piano 6 hands)


Int: Rujiao Liu, Jin Shang, and Jolyon Laycock