Research interests

In education:

Supervised by Dr. Tyler Denmead and Dr. Annouska Bayley, my current Mphil research focuses on artistic education and creativity, and is aimed at rethinking art subjects in both their vocational and general strands. In contrast to more traditional views contextualized in early industrialisation, I am now in the process of consolidating a set of solutions for artistic disciplines more attuned with the logics of STEAM, and with the reality of the Cultural and Creative Industries (CCI), Knowledge Economies, and the 4th Industrial Revolution. Additionally, the solutions being developed are deeply grounded in Chinese reality, as China is the main case study for my work.  

In music:

Supervised by Dr. Neal Farwell, my doctoral research was developed on the topic of harmonicity – a theory of harmony rooted in principles and mechanisms of perception and cognition. Transcultural and multidisciplinary in nature, my research resulted in: one mathematical model for harmonicity; related compositional systems; ten related computer applications designed for calculus, analysis and sound creation/manipulation; and five major musical works (including both acoustic and electroacoustic compositions).


Music Scores

Estrela N., Sophia. Lisbon: Edições MPMP, 2016.         

Estrela N., Swinging Chair. Lisbon: Edições MPMP, 2015.

Estrela N., Quarteto nº1. Lisbon: Edições MPMP, 2014.

Estrela N., Quarteto nº1. In Aguas Furtadas n.10, 186-209. Porto: NJAP/JU, 2006.

Audio Recordings

Quarteto nº1. In Aguas Furtadas n.10. Interpreters: Ars Camarae. Porto: NJAP/JU, 2006.

Unplugged, Classic Rage. Producer: Tommy Newton. 2003

Antilia, In Pecatum. 2002